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Cover of K-WERT No. 36 in English

New edition of company magazine K-WERT now published

Dec 14, 2018

Bremen, Germany

Looking for an entertaining and informative read? Here's our newest issue of KAEFER's yearly company magazine K-WERT. Focus topics are Continuity & Change, Collaboration and our 100-year anniversary. Please feel invited to browse through our editions in either English, German, French or Spanish. Enjoy!

Photo of KAEFER headquarters with advent calendar

KAEFERs Advent Calendar 2018

Dec 2, 2018

Bremen, Germany

At our KAEFER headquarters in Bremen, Germany we have a special Christmas tradition: every year, the office building is turned into a giant advent calendar for the month of December. Each day, colleagues are invited to open one gift box, representing a donation of 100€ to a charity in the region. Merry Christmas!

Screenshot history microsite

New on our website: Explore 100 years of KAEFER history

Nov 26, 2018

Bremen, Germany

The centenary is coming to an end shortly. It’s been an amazing year with celebrations around the world. To end 2018 with something special, we have created a very special history microsite on the KAEFER website.
Please feel invited to browse through 100 years of KAEFER: listen to anecdotes, watch movies and explore numerous project highlights. Thanks to the dedication, know-how and hard work of many generations of KAEFER employees, we can look back on ten impressive decades – and ahead to many more to come. Enjoy!

Team of supporters collecting donations

Help for flood victims in India

Oct 19, 2018

Kerala, India

Severe floods caused by heavy rainfall hit Kerala in southern India heavily in May and August. It was the worst monsoon in a century and caused almost 500 deaths, affecting at least 1 million people directly. 15 Indian KAEFER employees working in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates had to face devastating damage to their homes back in Kerala. Their colleagues from the Middle East came to help. Donations were collected across all locations and together with the financial aid of the KAEFER FOUNDATION these employees will be now able to rebuild their homes. We can’t thank all supporters enough.

Vision statement

The new KAEFER Vision

Oct 1, 2018

Bremen, Germany

Take a look at KAEFER's vision 'The key is to reduce and use resources more efficiently!' and watch our new video on the ‘REDUCE and USE’ approach. 
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Leander Stützel

KAEFER's future-prize

Sep 19, 2018

Bremen, Germany

To mark our centenary, the ‘KAEFER Zukunftspreis’ was launched in 2018. Open to students from German universities, this €5,000 prize for innovation will be awarded regularly to an outstanding research project in company related fields. This year the KAEFER jury selected Leander Stützel of Augsburg University of Applied Sciences as the overall winner. Leander was awarded the prize for his work on optimising the natural building material loam, specifically through improving its thermal properties.

impressions from the family day

KAEFER in Bremen celebrates 100 years

Sep 6, 2018

Bremen, Germany

On Saturday, more than 1,200 KAEFER employees & retirees and their families celebrated KAEFER’s centenary in Bremen, Germany. It was a fantastic day filled with entertainment, music, food and lots of activities. Kids could scream at the top of their lungs in the acoustic laboratory, visitors were able to explore thermography first hand or dive into the rich history of our company. What a shame we don’t turn 100 more often…

Group Picture

First Lean Leader Training in Thailand

Sep 3, 2018

Rayong, Thailand

Take a look at our proud team of KAEFER in Thailand after their first Lean Leader Classroom Training. There's no doubt the 1st LEAN project will be a huge success with such a motivated and inspired team.

Tower & award

Successful scaffolding project in Abu Dhabi

Aug 17, 2018

Ruwais, Abu Dhabi

Our colleagues in Abu Dhabi have successfully erected a 107 meters tall, 54 lifts scaffolding at the big C3 stripper column of Ruwais Refinery West Units (RRW UR). A team of 70 scaffolders utilised 23,310 m3 / 585 tons of scaffolding material for this job. Very hot weather, high humidity and the occasional strong wind were among the daily challenges. Our project team was recognised by our client ‘GS Engineering’ who awarded KAEFER for the valuable contributions in achieving 10 million man-hours without LTI at the RRW UR Project. Congratulations to everyone involved - keep up the very good and safe working attitude! Special thanks to our Scaffolding Design team at KAEFER Saudi Arabia for providing the design.

Group of 13 apprentices with their two trainers

German insulation fitters finish their apprenticeship

Aug 16, 2018

Bremen, Germany

13 young colleagues in Germany have successfully finished their 2-year apprenticeship as insulation fitters. We are very happy that the majority has decided to add a third year to become industrial insulation technicians. Congratulations to our apprentices and their two trainers, well done!