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Successful "Proof of Technology" for KAEFER's Power Induced Catalytic Combustor

Photo of PICC

We're one step closer to actively support climate protection: the 'Proof of Technology' was successfully carried out for KAEFER's Power Induced Catalytic Combustor (PICC).

PICC is a machine developed by KAEFER whose system - patent pending - is used for the flameless recycling of extremely climate-damaging methane gases, as produced in large quantities for example in covered landfills. One of PICC’s advantages is its small size, allowing the system to be used for decentralized applications. During 'Proof of Technology', PICC generated electrical energy out of gas.

"With this technology, we not only could provide a real answer to one of the most pressing topics e.g. the recycling of rubber or plastic waste. Additionally, it would give us the chance to develop new business opportunities for KAEFER in the so-called "green technologies. PICC is another way to highlight our commitment to sustainability", adds Thomas-Peter Wilk, Head of Corporate Innovation & Technical Excellence.

Led by Andreas Pöppinghaus, the PICC team is now planning to apply the system in a so-called field test at a potential customer still this year to start endurance tests. A successful field test would enable KAEFER to develop new business domains and consequently lead to a further contribution of climate protection.

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